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HD and SD format. RTMP / SRT protocols. LiveU / TVU units




For sports, social-political and cultual events


In the area of TV production

As a LiveU reseller partner, we offer the LiveU equipment for sale or rent, in particular the newest LiveU LU800 unit 

which is a portable multi-camera solution for every type of production, designed for live news and dynamic sports coverage.

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We rent Haivision equipment for broadcasting continuous (streaming) video data using the SRT protocol,
as well as implementing network technologies (encoders, decoders, transcoders, media platforms, network gateways, media players).

About company

Company Uplink Service works in the field of a satellite communication and digital TV since 2009. For the first year has initiated work with the construction of stationary and mobile satellite communication stations and training of professionals for the provision of services on the organization of television broadcasts. This experience provides an effective use existing facilities and to attract the most competent professionals. Now the company provides services itself in the telecommunications and TV area.

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Keeping pace with the times, the company carries out IP broadcasts using not only RTMP, but also the SRT protocol. SRT protocol has a significant impact on reducing the time delay in video transmission, does not experience problems with streaming up to 20 Mbps to any region of the world and thus in terms of end-to-end time delay and maximum stream rate (bitrate), SRT the protocol is far superior to RTMP.

On October 3, 2018, the Digital Business Space facility in Moscow hosted the XXIII International Conference of Operators and Users of the Satellite Communication Network of the Russian Federation “SATCOMRUS 2018: Smart Satellite - Ideas and Innovations”. Organized by the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC)
The conference ended with the award ceremony at which winners were presented with the SATCOMRUS Awards. Uplink Service LLC is among this year’s corporate winners.

Satcomrus18 Awards

TV equipment

The technological base "Uplink Services" includes: Teleport, located in Moscow at the address: 13A Kolomensky Proezd, life-support system, two uninterruptible power supplies, ventilation and air conditioning system: two network node with a connection to the operators: Rostelecom (currently 16 lines, the possibility of expanding up to 64 lines) and Synterra Media (currently 12 lines, the possibility of expandable up to 64 lines) and 3 reserved sets of mobile satellite communications vehicle-mounted and 3 reserved sets of satellite equipment in the briefcase, OB vans on the chassis of the Mercedes and Mobile TV set in the coffers.


Uplink Service team consists of professional engineering staff. All of them have taken up education in leading universities in the area of television broadcasting and through exchange of experience with respected technical consultants.

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Address: 115446, Moscow, 13A Kolomensky proezd
Phone: +7 495 544-87-91, +7 495 108-02-33