Teleport [small]RECEIVE AND BROADCAST TV signal[/small]

Teleport Our TX/RX Teleport (earth station) has:

  • Two distant satellite farms in the North and South of Moscow which are equipped with 18 antenna systems in total, ranging in size from 1.8 m to 5 m, with the possibility of receiving and transmitting satellite signals via geostationary satellites in orbital positions from 12W to 105E;
  • Two Master Control Rooms (MCR), equipped with the most modern Ericsson and Harmonic equipment, allowing to work in UHD/HD, H264/H265 standards, with DVB-S2X/DVB-S2, NS3/NS4 modulations.

Each MCR is connected to two independent power sources, equipped with uninterruptible power supply, air conditioning and ventilation systems, allowing us to provide services with an extremely high level of reliability.

Satellite signals are transmitted using 1.8 m and 2.4 m satellite antennas and Ku-band 100W, 200W and 400W amplifiers.

It is possible to receive and transmit HD/SD video through fiber-optic line operators Rostelecom and Synterra Media, as well as IP format. Downlink capacity is up to 30 signals simultaneously. Another option is the transmission of the multiplexed signal.



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